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Whitacre Engineering team member Keith LePage

Keith LePage

As the President of Whitacre Engineering, I supervise the communication, placement, and execution of the mission, purpose, and values of the company.


Whitacre Engineering team member Todd LePage

Todd LePage

As the Vice President of Whitacre, I oversee the corporate operations. I’ve been using my Civil Engineering degree to serve Whitacre clients for 31 years.


Whitacre Engineering team member Yan Bukowy

Yan Bukowy

I’m the Chief Financial Officer of Whitacre. I give the overall direction and leadership for the company’s financial operations.


Whitacre Engineering team member Scott Clymire

Scott Clymire

I am a Registered Architect with 19 years of experience in the construction industry. I spent much of my career in manufacturing. As Director of Operations, I oversee the day-to-day activities of the company.


Whitacre Engineering team member Tim Conner

Tim Conner

For five years, I have been an Estimator with Whitacre. My job was to accurately execute takeoffs and price them correctly.  I have currently taken on the new role of Branch Manager to aid the company in it’s transformation to adapt to economic and cultural shifts in the market.


Whitacre Engineering team member Mark Agee

Mark Agee

As a Detailing Manager, I supervise the day-to-day operations of the detailing department. I make sure Whitacre’s detailing runs smoothly.


Whitacre Engineering team member Steve Jusi

Steve Jusi

I’m a detailing manager. I manage the daily operations that take place in the detailing division.


Matt Cantwell Whitacre Engineering rebar professional

Matt Cantwell

I’m the Plant Manager of the Ohio Fabrication Division. I manage employees, daily production and scheduling, inventory, and safety coordination.


Whitacre Engineering team member Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews

For 21 years, I’ve been working in the safety industry. Today I’m the Safety Director of Whitacre, so I supervise OSHA compliance and make sure our teams stay safe at work.


Whitacre Engineering professional Cheryl Knetsch

Cheryl Knetsch

28 years ago, I began my time at Whitacre as a detailer, then the drafting room manager, and now I’m with the Sales and Estimating Department. Two of my most memorable projects were both of the Cleveland Innerbelt bridges.


Whitacre Engineering team member Pat Schwartz

Pat Schwartz

I began working with Whitacre in the detailing department in 2001. Now I’m in the company’s Sales and Estimating Department.


Whitacre Engineering team member Laurie Smith

Laurie Smith

I’ve worked at Whitacre for 11 years. I stand beside our customers from the time I take their first call until they have their rebar and are fully satisfied with our service.


Whitacre Engineering team member Dan Strohl

Dan Strohl

I have 32 years of experience with rebar and Whitacre. One of the things that keeps me coming back to work each day is the wide range of projects that I get to work on.


Whitacre Engineering team member Tanya Tomey

Tanya Tomey

I work as the Contract Administrator. My job is to review, process, and execute subcontracts and change orders.


Whitacre Engineering team member Tommy Wheat

Tommy Wheat

I work with the Sales & Estimating Department. My favorite part of my job is breaking down a project and then rebuilding it into a workable quote or assignment.


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    Whitacre provides capacity, competence and character, along with a very efficient and well trained group, in both their office and field operations…the true definition of Professionalism!

    —Donley's VP of Concrete Operations

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    I just want to make some comments and thank you for the good attitude your ironworkers have exhibited.

    —Hathaway, Inc.

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    We appreciate your continued focus on safety and quality, and the pride your organization takes in the finished product.

    —LeChase Construction Services, LLC

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    We can count on Whitacre to help us successfully complete our projects by providing a single point of contact for material and labor. Whitacre consistently delivers superior service so we can pour concrete on time.

    —Bob Breisinger VP of Heavy Highway and Industrial, Mascaro Construction Co., LP

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    Your entire team did a GREAT job for DYK on both the Westcott Reservoir and Manlius Reservoir. Work was completed before schedule and it was a pleasure working with your entire company. When we asked to hurry up and get it done... You did. Your design team was fast & efficient. Fabrication was great at supplying materials even on short notice. Your trucking was great. Installation was fast, efficient and safe. A great job by all! I hope we can work together again on the next project.

    —DYK, Inc.

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