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Industries Served

Oil tank in a tank farm

Tank Farms

Whitacre Engineering is a leading provider of various wire mesh and concrete reinforcement solutions that are designed to handle the rigors of tank farm discharge operations in oil and gas production. We have years of experience in building custom installations, applying welding wire, couplers, and metal mesh to various concrete slabs. Our rebar work for

Oil storage tank

Oil Storage Tanks

Backed by nearly a century of concrete formwork experience, Whitacre Engineering offers both products and services for the oil and gas industry. We manufacture our own rebar and steel mesh products, applying years of experience in structural dynamics in order to ensure the integrity of oil storage tanks. We work across all phases of concrete

Oil and gas metering station

Pump Stations

Our team at Whitacre Engineering carries years of experience in pump station design and construction, providing a wide range of welded wire, steel mesh, and rebar products. We’re installation specialists, fielding the knowledge and resources to perform turnkey construction on both new and existing oil pipelines. Our products are engineered to maintain their structural integrity

Gas booster station

Booster Stations

With nearly a century of experience in rebar, wire mesh, and welded wire manufacturing, Whitacre Engineering has played an active role in concrete reinforcement for booster stations and other oil and gas throughput projects. Combining our suite of metal mesh and rebar products with our highly reliable, competent construction teams, we’re able to assist the

Oil and gas metering station

Metering Stations

For almost a century, Whitacre Engineering has developed a unique understanding of the construction of high quality, custom-built metering stations for industrial oil and gas processing. We manufacture our own premium grade concrete formwork materials, from rebar to wire mesh, that have been used by processing plants nationwide. We also field our own team of

Fractionation plant

Fractionator Plants

At Whitacre Engineering, we field a team of veteran staff who understand how to implement concrete rebar and wire mesh products for fractionator plants. We always provide high quality construction services in order to ensure impurity-free, “pipeline quality” fuel for a wide range of consumers. Our team offers consultative services for fractionator plant construction, recommending

Cryogenic Plants

Innovative Products for Cryogenic Processing We help to build cryogenic systems with high operational reliability, designed in exact accordance to the client’s performance specifications. Our rebar and mesh solutions provide long lasting structural stability, ensuring stable cryogenic performance. We’re always proud of our workmanship and maintain the highest standards possible for quality. For the best

Compressor Stations

We’re able to provide a complete suite of services for the client, from rebar splicing to concrete slab design. As a single source provider, our team will manage the entire construction process, ensuring just in time supply deliveries, resource coordination, and real-time project updates. Superior Engineering for Compressor Station Design Our work is performed in

Waste Water Treatment

Waste Treatment Facilities

Whitacre Engineering believes in helping communities thrive, leading the way in both ground-up and expansion projects for waste and water treatment facilities. We’re not only fabricators for a wide range of concrete formwork solutions, but were also seasoned construction workers who understand the importance of structural integrity as it relates to water and waste processing.

Modern commercial hotel construction


Whitacre Engineering is involved in a wide range of hotel construction projects, achieving high quality structural fabrications that improve the local area and help to resonate a hotel’s brand. With nearly a century of experience in commercial construction, we’ve become a comprehensive provider of concrete formwork products that support prominent, legacy buildings for the hotel

Concrete Parking Deck

Parking Garages

At Whitacre Engineering, we help industries develop robust, highly efficient parking garage structures that not only stand the test of time, but greatly refine the space needs for commercial buildings and their surrounding environment. We are both a manufacturer and general contractor, offering a comprehensive line of mesh reinforcement, rebar, and welded wire solutions for

Office building construction - Whitacre Engineering

Office Buildings

Whitacre Engineering has been at the forefront of office building construction since 1920, providing general contracting services, rebar placement, and construction materials manufacturing for a variety of large-scale projects. We’ve built many of the most notable office buildings across the Northeast corridor, constructed to the highest standards possible using innovative concrete formwork products and services.

Construction worker placing rebar on project site

Contractor and Construction Supply

Contractors and construction companies want to give their clients the best. We take your fabrication shapes, cut lengths, and dimensions for the products and materials you need for an excellent result.

Power Generation

We provide high-quality materials, on-time deliveries, and ideal product placement to keep power facility construction like yours on (or ahead) of schedule. If you’re looking to move forward with a project, we can help.

Oil and Gas

For nearly a century, Whitacre Engineering has provided a variety of superior, high quality rebar, wire mesh, and welded wire mesh solutions for the oil and gas construction industry.

Water Treatment Plant

Water and Sewer Plant Construction

With strict requirements and regulations for water and wastewater plants, it’s more important than ever to work with experts in every area of your project, from lift stations to clarifying tanks.

Industrial Building Construction

No matter which stage of your project you’re working on – designing castings or planning steel mills – it’s never too late to contact us for quality products to surpass your competition.

Whitacre Engineering workers at Football Hall of Fame

Highway and Bridge Construction

Since 1920, Whitacre Engineering has provided a wide range of steel rebar, welded wire, and wire mesh products for reinforcing concrete in highway and bridge construction projects.

Commercial Construction at a hotel

Commercial Construction

Whether you’re building a fire station, a church, or a zoo, commercial construction leaders need strong, quality materials that they can count on. Learn more about our completed commercial construction projects.

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Poughkeepsie Water Treatment Facility rebar structure by Whitacre Engineering

Poughkeepsie Water Treatment Facility

Poughkeepsie Water Treatment Facility Location: Poughkeepsie, New York The Poughkeepsie Water Treatment Facility in New York, which serves nearly...


Society (Key) Tower

“Each time the engineers changed the plans, I had 40-50 drawings to update,” Baltzly explained. The technology at the...


Whitacre Engineering rebar work on Hilton Hotel Convention Center in Cleveland

Cleveland Hilton Convention Center Hotel

Cleveland Hilton Convention Center Hotel Location: Cleveland, Ohio The Cleveland Hilton Hotel and Convention Center is 32 floors tall,...


Whitacre Engineering rebar work on parking structure

Cleveland Clinic Parking Garage

Cleveland Clinic Parking Garage Location: Cleveland, Ohio The Cleveland Clinic Parking Garage provides patients and loved ones with more...


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    Whitacre provides capacity, competence and character, along with a very efficient and well trained group, in both their office and field operations…the true definition of Professionalism!

    —Donley's VP of Concrete Operations

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    I just want to make some comments and thank you for the good attitude your ironworkers have exhibited.

    —Hathaway, Inc.

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    We appreciate your continued focus on safety and quality, and the pride your organization takes in the finished product.

    —LeChase Construction Services, LLC

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    We can count on Whitacre to help us successfully complete our projects by providing a single point of contact for material and labor. Whitacre consistently delivers superior service so we can pour concrete on time.

    —Bob Breisinger VP of Heavy Highway and Industrial, Mascaro Construction Co., LP

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    Your entire team did a GREAT job for DYK on both the Westcott Reservoir and Manlius Reservoir. Work was completed before schedule and it was a pleasure working with your entire company. When we asked to hurry up and get it done... You did. Your design team was fast & efficient. Fabrication was great at supplying materials even on short notice. Your trucking was great. Installation was fast, efficient and safe. A great job by all! I hope we can work together again on the next project.

    —DYK, Inc.

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